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Designed By Code is an all-new web and search engine optimization company founded in Boulder, Colorado. We specialize in search engine optimization, app creation, social media management service, and basically any manner in which we can help improve an small business gain more online traction. We are a good group of people who are motivated in what we do. Our main target audience is people who have brand new start-up businesses, small businesses, and anybody with creative app ideas. Websites are an essential piece of credibility for new businesses to have, and can also maximize revenue for your company. However, anyone in this day and age can make a website, but how does one make it so that their website is set apart from the others? With our management and creation services to help you, your business will soar! So what are you waiting for? Give us a call or shoot us an email, and help us to help you!

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“Everyone can make donuts, but how do you sell yours better than the other guy?”

Deciding to open our Search Engine Optimization services in such a city as Boulder was done to benefit the local community. The local community of Boulder, Colorado is booming with small business owners. We wish to provide these small business owners with premium and affordable SEO services. We can assure their survival and competitive spirit.

Small businesses throughout the city are the heart and soul of Boulder, Colorado. From the end of Pearl Street all the way to Gunbarrel. Boulder's rich small business community is the reason the citizens enjoy the variety of goods and services that they have become accustomed to. With our Search Engine Optimization services, we can make it so that your small business gains more popularity. We ensure that your customers know what you have to offer.

With Our Services You Accomplish

       - Gain higher rankings in Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.                                           - Organic Search Engine Optimization

       - Mobile/web optimization                                                                                    - Reputation Management

       - Social media management and web integration                                               - Website creation and launch

       - Many more to optimize your business